Happy Halloween!

In the spirit of Fall and Halloween, I made a couple of tasty treats. Earlier this month I made candy corn cupcakes. They didn’t taste like cupcakes but they were made to resemble candy corn. I’m not a fan of the actual candy and plan to give the leftovers candy pieces to my mom who loves them, but I think the colors together look cool.

I used a simple vanilla cupcake recipe, divided the batter in half, and colored one orange and the other one yellow.

I put the yellow batter on the bottom and the orange batter on top. Then topped them off with a piece of candy corn.

Inside look at the Candy Corn Cupcake.

Next I made some Halloween themed cookies for the kids at my son’s daycare. They had a little Halloween party, which is what I prefer rather than taking a 2 year old trick or treating. I’ve actually never been trick or treating (I know, I know) so the thought of doing it now as an adult taking MY child doesn’t sit well with me. 

Nevertheless, I made ghosts, pumpkins, and black cat cookies. They turned out so cute that I almost didn’t want to give them away and wanted to keep them for myself, but I knew the kids would enjoy them more.

I’m doing to do a separate blog entry just on these cookies because it was this time last year was when I decided to start baking for business. I tried to do the exact same cookies last year and they looked nothing like the ones in the picture. So these are somewhat special to me because they shown how full circle I’ve come with my decorating skills. Having a nostalgic moment right now… 

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!