Princess Cupcake Cake

I don’t know why, but I was really excited to do this project. I haven’t been baking too much because we added another addition to the family in December 2013, and even though I had to return to my regular 9-5 job after 8 weeks, I decided to take an even longer break with my own business. I’ve done other projects in between having a new baby and now, but this got me really excited. Maybe because I wanted it to be so perfect and gorgeous. Too pretty to eat. Internally I went back and forth about whether I could continue to bake on the side and have a full time job, grad school, and a family. I wanted this to work out so much that I managed my time perfectly with it. I purchased all my supplies way ahead of time and when it came time to bake I executed my plan seamlessly. My client loved it and so did everyone else. I almost didn’t want to give it away! So I guess baking this has renewed my faith in myself and I hope to get more projects like this in the future! I also did another cupcake cake (pictured below) that was also fun to make.

Lion Cupcake Cake