Using Stencils on Decorated Cookies

I made these cookies for an event at the UIC African American Cultural Center. When I was approached and shown the logo that was wanted on the cookies I had no idea how I was going to pull off adding such small lettering. I don’t have an edible printer (yet) and there was no way that I could pipe the letters that small, so after brainstorming and doing some research I found out I could stencil the letters on. It was actually VERY easy to do, and came out very neat. I think cutting out the letters of the stencils was harder than actually making the cookies. So guess who’s going to be doing more stencil work… that’s right, ME!
This was also my first time working with a different cookie icing recipe and it actually turning out the way that I wanted. The first time I tried royal icing I think I mixed it too much and on a higher speed. This time I took my time and made sure the consistency was right. I also paced myself and did these in 2 days since I had to make 50 of them. I baked the cookies and flooded them with the white icing on Day 1. On Day 2 I added the wording and decoration. The event was Afro-Brazilian themed, so they wanted me to use the colors of the Brazilian flag.
They turned out really nice and I definitely see more stenciling in my future!
Outlining cookies before flooding.
Flooded cookies with white royal icing.
The “UIC” letters were added on first, then the “African American Cultural Center” later with a separate stencil. Ignore the practice one that decided to leak.
All the wording has been added.
A little decoration to make them look fancy 🙂